Design Photographs:

Born 1982.  

Based in Los Angeles.

Brooks Institute of Photography, then NYC working in high-fashion production.

Extensive background in the fundamentals of film and digital photography. 

Focused on design based photography, with a conceptual base, using analog methods and in-camera techniques, centering on producing images reflective of a complex understanding of process and photographic technologies.  

Worked with many commercial clients, molding a unique signature as an image maker with acute sensitivities for all things design related.  

Time in NYC was spent working in high fashion technical production, then later sharing a studio with master still life photographer Kenji Toma.  

Aside from working with traditional clients, hand selected by Steven Soderbergh to photograph his Singani 63 Brandy for launch of the new campaign. 

Upon returning to Los Angeles, focused his career on working with clients with like-minded ethics and sensibilities.  

Interest include precision mechanics, in spare time repairs / rebuilds intricate German, Swiss and Italian mechanical devices.